ARCHIVES  June 2014

driscolls berries

Driscoll’s berries coupon

I’ve had a few people in the checkout line ask me about my Driscoll’s coupons: “Where did you get those?” When you buy a container of Driscoll’s berries, go here to complete a survey. You’ll need the code on the bottom of the container. For each of the first four surveys you complete, you can print…


Friday is Margarita night!

Over on, there is a $5.00 coupon for Vitafrute Cocktails by VEEVE.  I’ve seen these at Jewel and Mariano’s, but nowhere else around Chicago. And, I’ve only seen the Margarita flavor.  They run about $11-$12 a bottle, so not a bad deal with the $5 coupon. Bring in some cheap tacos from a taqueria…


Target shopping 6/27/14

Went to Target before picking my daughter up from play camp. I had a $3.00 off Listerine coupon I got in the mail with a free sample that was going to expire in 3 days. There’s a 20% off Listerine Cartwheel offer currently running, and I wanted to do the Coppertone deal, and we needed…