How to Save Money at Whole Foods

Yes, yes..we all call Whole Foods “Whole Paycheck”, but you can actually get some good deals there. Every two months, they put out a book (found near the entrance of the store, usually) called The Whole Deal. Inside, there’s tips and recipes…and COUPONS! What’s nice is that these are Whole Foods coupons. That means you can combine these with manufacturer’s coupons┬áto save big. Here’s a couple of examples from my Whole Foods trip this morning:

Kettle chips: $2.50; used one $1.00/1 Whole Foods coupon found in this month’s Whole Deal (or print here). Found a peelie coupons for $0.55 off one on each bag. That brings it down to $1.45 per bag. And then, you can get $0.25 cents back from Ibotta! Final cost: $2.65 for two!

Pacific Natural Foods organic baked beans: $2.39. There is $1.00/1 you can print on Mambo Sprouts. And in the last Whole Deal book (the May/June book’s coupons don’t expire until July 31!) there’s a $.75/1 Whole Foods coupon. Final cost: $0.64!

Zevia Natural Soda: Six packs on sale for $3.00. There’s a $2.00/1 here or a $2.00/2 here. Pay as little as $1.00 for one…AND you can get back $1.00 from Ibotta! Free soda from Whole Foods!

Ciao Bella sorbet or gelato: on sale for $3.99. Go to the Ciao Bella Facebook page to print $1.00/1. Get it for $2.99. And Ibotta currently has an offer for $1.00 back. Final cost: $1.99!

Not all of these deals used Whole Foods coupons. Sometimes, they’ll have some good sale prices, and a manufacturer coupon combined with that can be a great deal! Each time you go to Whole Foods, grab a couple of those Whole Deal books; as soon as the month is over, they’re gone. But, the coupons are still good for another month!

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